What makes Tiktok so addicting?


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The first thing I do every morning is to grab my phone and aimlessly scroll through TikTok. Minutes seamlessly turn into hours, and before I even have time to brush my teeth, I have already watched over 100 videos. While this robotic routine of mine seems rather strange, I am not alone in my TikTok addiction. TikTok takes advantage of their audience’s short attention span, as it features videos no longer than a minute. The super-charged scrolling of TikTok is full of personality, humour and authentic content. In less than three years, TikTok gained 420 million active users, who on average open the app 8 times a day. Part of TikTok’s charm arises from the endless possibilities it possesses for its users, with the very foundation of the app allowing for anyone to have a chance of fame. 

One of the most notable names on the app is Charli D’Amelio, a 17-year-old girl from Connecticut. In a little over a year, Charli was able to gain 100 million followers. Such promising growth has caused influencers to flock to the platform, and even to create several content houses including the Hype House and the Sway House.  On June 12th, huge social media influencers including Austin McBroom of Ace Family and Bryce Hall competed in a Youtube vs. TikTok boxing event. The Pay-Per-View of the event was $49.99, leaving fighters like Hall to make 5 million as soon as he entered the ring, a 1 million knockout bonus, and 4% of Pay-Per-View sales. The revenue that events such as this that TikTok influencers endorse elucidates why so many brands are opting to switch to TikTok influencers for endorsement. 

Almost every marketing team is talking about TikTok, and its hyper-engaged audience. Companies such as American Eagle, Hollister, and even Dunkin have partnered with major TikTok influencers to increase their revenues. Even “smaller” scale influencers, such as Deanna Giulietti (1.3M followers) offer promising results post-partnership. When Giulietti organically mentioned a brand she was working with, she drove over 40K consumers to the retailer. Mikalya Noguiera, a TikTok beauty guru with 5.3M followers, further emphasizes TikTok’s potential when she nearly quadrupled the click volume from Instagram and Youtube for elfcosmetics.com. Results such as these, from not as well known TikTokers, highlight the appeal of the platform. 

Not only is TikTok immensely promising for brands, but it also ensures that influencers are compensated for their creative content. TikTok’s Creator Fund began with $200 million to support creators. Eligible creators must be a least 18 years old, have over 100k followers and 100,000 authentic video views in the last 30 days. Such a fund empowers influencers to continue creating authentic content that they are passionate and dedicated about. It also entices creators to produce more content, which inevitably keeps fans engaged on the platform. With TikTok’s dedication to its influencer’s success and audience’s enjoyment, it comes as no surprise that it is the fastest growing social media app to date. Such success offers promising futures for potential influencers, as well as brands looking for more exposure. Whether you’re a brand trying to market on Tiktok, or an influencer trying to find deals Kyndoo is here for you. Let us help you expand your brand on the platform everyone is talking about!






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