Unlocking Community Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Brand – Webinar Replay

Thank you again for registering to attend our webinar on Unlocking Community Influence Marketing to Grow Your Brand. If you missed any part of the session, we’ve recorded the replay for you below. We hope you find it informative and useful for your business.

As a thank you for attending (or watching the replay), we’d like to share some bonus content with you! Download our free 3-Point Strategy Guide for Smart Marketers to Activate Organic Growth. There’s no form to fill out. Just click and see the PDF download right away.

Also, you can replay the webinar below. (Be sure not to share, though. That’s just for you!) If you’d like the slides, those are available here.


Now let’s put the webinar learning to good use! First, think about the power of your own community of customers, followers, employees, followers of affinity brands and more. Do you know which of those people are already influential? Which are already advocating on your behalf?

To take advantage of the true power of Community Influence Marketing, put the following on your to-do list:

  1. Map your community and their social connections
  2. Identify those who have influence of their audiences and whose content aligns with your brand messaging, tone and style.
  3. Engage them to identify how they can pass along their passion for your brand and how you can reward them for doing so

Of course, if you’d like to see how CIPIO.ai does this for dozens of the leading e-commerce brands across multiple verticals and audiences, just schedule some time for us to talk here.

CIPIO.ai is glad to be your partner in Community Commerce Marketing, an exciting new category of marketing strategy and automation that taps into the power of your own community to drive brand advocacy and growth. Learn more about CCM on our weekly web show and podcast, The Rise – The Community Commerce Marketing Show, available on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.

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