Tips to Elevate Your Trade Show Performance


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In a world where trade shows are evolving from conventional business events into immersive consumer experiences, how can you use influencer marketing to leverage your brand? 

At Kyndoo, one of our goals is to grow your business with the help of influencer marketing. It is predicted that in 2021, influencer marketing will grow to be worth $15 billion. With that knowledge, what better promotion tool than influencer marketing? 

It is crucial that brands utilize influencers to ensure revenue growth. Influencer marketing can be used for virtually every major event your business will experience, one being trade shows. 

To help your brand reach maximum potential, Kyndoo’s Founder and CEO, Kelly McDonald, put together a list of tips on how your brand can use influencer marketing to elevate your trade show performance.

Tip #1: Hire influencers ahead of the trade show. In doing this, trade show attendees (and potential consumers) can see your product’s success before meeting you. This gives your brand leverage over others who have no influencer approval.

Tip #2: Use influencer content in your displays. This will show real people using your product and loving it. Authentic approval is important, especially to interested consumers. 

Tip #3: Ask the public for help. If the venue is open to the public, invite influencers to come to the show wearing your gear and telling people to check you out. This personal interaction is one that many brands skip, but makes a big difference amongst consumers.

Tip #4: Have your influencers mention key targets. For example, if you want Walmart to start carrying your product, ask your influencer to post something along the lines of “OMG! I love [insert product name] so much! I just wish I could find it in Walmart, I’m there like everyday”. This type of post will get Walmart’s attention and make them want you. 

Tip #5: Connect with people prior to the show. Direct message potential consumers or promoters via Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even TikTok before the trade show. Doing so will virtually ensure an in person interaction, and show your interest. 

Influencer Marketing is a key technique that all businesses can and should use to their advantage. With Kyndoo’s services, we can set your business up with influencers with authentic followings that meet your target demographic. We have only seen successful influencer promotions thus far, so why not let your brand be next?

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