The REAL Reason Your Paid Ads Aren’t Converting (and How to Fix It)

“We just can’t get Facebook to work”
“Running ads on TikTok has been a waste of money for us”
“Maybe our product just isn’t right for paid social”

Sound Familiar?

It’s no secret that running paid ads on Meta, TikTok, and YouTube can be a great way to grow a business quickly. Unfortunately, it can also be a waste of money when your ads aren’t working.

After 10+ years of creating and consulting on ads, we’ve found two key mistakes that companies often struggling with paid social are making:

  • They aren’t running video ads 
  • The ads they are running look like traditional branded ads

Let’s break down these mistakes. 

Mistake #1. Databox found in a recent survey that 59% of marketers got more engagement results from video.

That begs the question — if videos are giving that much better results, why aren’t all marketers using videos in their ads?

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Mistake #2. Quite frankly, people are sick of traditional-looking branded static image ads. There seems to be an “ad radar” that goes off in most social media users’ brains. As soon as they see something that looks like an ad, it triggers a response to scroll past it as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, the fix to these mistakes is simple: User Generated Content or “UGC”

Getting authentic content from real people and then tactfully turning it into paid ads can turn a struggling ad account around quickly and effectively. In fact, one client just ran their first UGC-style ad and saw a 33% cheaper cost per purchase than their next best-performing ad.

To give you a head start on creating effective UGC-style ads, below are seven key elements to work into them for the best results. As a bonus, we’re also providing you FREE access to our online course “Learn to Make UGC Style Ads for Paid Social” – click here to sign up for free

Ok – let’s dive into the seven key elements!

1. Authenticity
People want authentic connections, reactions, and reviews. Hearing about a good product from a seemingly average person will be received much better than hearing about that product from the company that made it.

2. Human Connection
It’s called social for a reason. People want to feel connected with a community, event, or cause they care about. If you can help people feel connected, they will be much more likely to watch and purchase.

3. Entertainment
People want to escape the mundane and be entertained. Social media often serves as an escape from stressful day-to-day life. If you can show something fascinating or “out of the ordinary,” you’ll be much more likely to grab and keep attention.

4. Humor
Something incredible goes on inside the human brain when people laugh. If you want your product to be tied to those good feelings, create an ad that is genuinely funny.

5. Education
Show a new skill, hack, tip, or process to make someone’s life easier. It’ll go a long way in building trust with your audience. Educational content is particularly sharable – which will help get you more reach!

6. Competition
Comparing your product to competitors or creating some other level of competition will help spark curiosity and drive engagement.

7. Controversy
People love to share their opinions on controversial things. If you can tactfully work some controversy into your ads, the comments section will go crazy.

UGC-style ads can be the spark that lights the fire for your paid social efforts. With UGC, we’ve helped brands scale larger than they ever expected.

Check out our FREE video training “Learn to Make UGC Style Ads” – click here to enroll for free

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