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The classic quandary for tech entrepreneurs – talking about solutions to complex problems in simple terms

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True story (and if I start to lose you then skip ahead to the 4th paragraph).

I had the most interesting conversation on Friday with someone I consider to be both an advisor and a friend. He also happens to be a Fitness Industry veteran who was a part of growing one of the most well-known fitness brands from 1 location to a multi-location $1B+ Health and Fitness brand.

I shared with him how much I believe in the continued exponential future growth of the fitness industry because fitness is critical to our society’s future and continues to become a lifestyle industry that builds social connections and communities. I also shared how I believed the Fitness Industry is going through a hybrid Omni-channel revolution similar to what the Retail industry has gone through in the last decade. Consumers in the health and fitness industry expect a fully integrated and personalized experience between brick and mortar clubs, streaming services, and mobile experiences (the Hybrid Omni-Channel). Fitness brands that adapt to this consumer demand will thrive, and those who don’t will become laggards (or even worse, lose relevance and eventually go out of business).

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I went on to tell him how hard it is for a fitness brand to understand their customer in the new Hybrid Omni-channel world because customer data is spread out across a half dozen systems in their business. I sketched out for him how Health and Fitness businesses have a half dozen back-office systems, some of which may have stove pipe reporting specific to that system. Most health and fitness brands don’t have orchestrated Business Intelligence that gives them a complete view of their customer and their business. I explained that even those who do have orchestrated Business Intelligence that this is only the first mile. What happens once you have orchestrated business intelligence? At this point, a human spends time analyzing Business Intelligence, trying to find patterns and trends. After you have found the patterns and trends, a human then comes up with recommendations on how to affect the pattern and trend and start to make predictions on what impact their recommendation would have. This recommendation is likely some form of content engagement that needs to be fed into a delivery platform such as your marketing automation platform, social platforms, mobile or OnDemand platform, or some blitz by your sales PT might run. I call this content delivery – the last mile. The human will manually implement this in the appropriate delivery platform and will do their best to make it as personalized as possible (not an easy thing to do manually by the way)

I finished by explaining how CIPIO helps automate this entire process from the first mile to the last mile with our Data Orchestration, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Workflow Automation capabilities. Through CIPIO’s capabilities, we will identify the members’ patterns and trends, automate the predictions and recommendations, and automate personalized engagement. Doing this at scale across all health and fitness brands’ locations will revolutionize how they are operated and accelerate their growth!

I was so proud of clearly articulating this complex problem and our solution to the problem. At this point, he goes, whoa, whoa, whoa – let me get this straight. I am going to say back to you what I think I heard you say:

  • Gyms’ number 1 problem is increasing their membership base – especially in this new hybrid world.
  • So how do gyms increase the membership base? Answer – Keep the ones you got, grow the ones you got, and get new ones.
  • And you guys at CIPIO bring together everything a gym operator needs to know about their members to have relevant conversations with their members.
  • By having relevant conversations with your existing members and new members, they will want more of what that gym has to offer both in the gym and online.
  • And when this happens, your membership base will grow.

My response – “you got it!”. His response – “so the bottom line is CIPIO gathers all the information about your member or prospective member, so you can have a relevant conversation with them, which makes them want to buy more stuff from you.”

My response, “yes.”

His response was, “this is great! Why didn’t you just say that?”

My thought – “Hmmm – interesting question.”

So there you have it – a complex problem with a sophisticated solution boiled down into five simple bullets by an industry veteran. I think this is a classic quandary for tech entrepreneurs – talking about solutions to complex problems in simple terms. Let me know your thoughts! And I am curious, did you end up jumping straight to the 4th paragraph?

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