Capture More Purchases With SEO Video Content

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This same philosophical question can be applied to videos without proper SEO or a promotional strategy; if no one can find your video, does it matter that it even exists? 
That’s why no marketing strategy is complete without considering SEO video content. After all, YouTube is the second-largest search engine online for a good reason—people inherently prefer to learn through “watching” rather than reading.

What is Video SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves optimizing content to appear higher in search results. While historically this marketing discipline was mostly associated with web pages and text-based materials, video SEO traffic is growing as audiences and search engines alike increasingly appreciate the value of multi-sensory mediums. As consumers prefer video more and more over time, thinking through how video SEO fits into your video content strategy will become increasingly important. 

It’s important to recognize that search bots won’t assess the relevance and quality of video the same way they will an HTML-based web page. Therefore, video requires its own tailored SEO strategies—and a consistent pipeline of fresh materials—to achieve long-term success.

How Do I Use Video Content to Improve SEO?

Do keyword research on Video SEO terms relevant to your business

There are a number of easy-to-use tools that will illuminate which search topics receive the most estimated number of searches, as well as which web assets rank for which terms. Some tools, like Ahrefs and SEMRush, even provide search volume specific to YouTube!

When assessing keywords to target with your video SEO, look at more than the search volume. Consider who else ranks for the term to determine whether it’s realistic to expect to gain visibility and traction. Moreover, consider the term’s relevance to your target audience, a tip that is particularly applicable when creating video content for B2B or highly niche groups.

Create videos including the right SEO content

Armed with the knowledge of which search themes interest audiences the most, the next step is to craft the videos themselves. Consider how the SEO terms you’re targeting can be effectively addressed, whether that be UGC, a high-production product demonstration, or one of the other dozens of video types available. Consider your audiences’ tastes and how you can best satisfy the video searchers’ specific needs.

Get videos to index on search engines

There are several steps you can take to help Google crawl and include your SEO video content within search results (commonly known as indexing), which is the first step toward ranking your videos. Firstly, ensure that the page that presents the video is open to search bots and that the video is prominently positioned. To further accelerate the crawling and indexing, consider making a designated video sitemap. For more on indexing and Video SEO, Google’s guidelines or visit the Video Pages section of your Google Search Console account. If you struggle with indexation, consult with Google’s video SEO best practices.

Optimize your Videos to Improve Rankings

To reinforce the video’s SEO potential, include the chosen keywords in the following:

  • Video title
  • Video file name
  • Provided video descriptions
  • Social media and YouTube video hashtags

Additional actions you can take to strengthen your video’s SEO potential further:

  • Add timestamps to assist with “browsability” and further define for Google the contents of your video
  • Generate captions (and don’t forget to check the accuracy). When publishing the video to your own website, work with your developer to incorporate the captions into the accompanying video schema. Properly formatted video schema provides Google with further clarity about the video’s content, as well as encourages Google to show it with “rich snippet” enhancements within traditional search results
  • Design a specialized thumbnail to combine an attention-grabbing visual with the title overlaying the image, boosting click-through-rate
  • Provide clear calls-to-action with links, whether it’s to bring traffic to your website or watch other related videos
  • Promote your video across your blog posts, web properties, and social media platforms to enhance viewership and powerful signals to search engines

For more optimization ideas, read How Video SEO Works.


Measure traffic to videos from search

The free analytics tools offered by video hosts like YouTube and social media provide invaluable insights into viewership, but do not tell the complete story.

Therefore, ensure that you have Google Search Console and a website analytics platform (such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics) implemented and accurately tracking inbound traffic.

Other tools that will help measure the effectiveness of your SEO video content are select third-party ranking tools. Software like SEMRush not only offers YouTube-specific rankings, but highlights which generic Google results incorporate videos.

Not only can this help you confirm the number of sessions the offsite videos help generate, but you can also assess the quality of these visits based on onsite engagement and conversions. Additionally, you can use tracked website events to determine how many visitors watch the video content embedded on your site.


How to Create High-Quality Video Content for SEO

All the SEO optimization in the world will produce disappointing results if the video in question is lackluster. To make sure that the content resonates with viewers and best represents your brand, video marketers need to consider the following best practices:

  • Gather intel on your target audiences’ preferences – A blanket statement like ‘I want to target mothers of young children’ casts too wide a net to guide your video’s strategy effectively. For example, a mother in her 20s based in Phoenix will have differing priorities from one in her 30s living in the suburbs of Boston. Take the time to define your audiences and dive deeper into their specific motivations and behaviors, as this will improve target keyword selection and overall video engagement.
  • Be purposeful with both the messenger and the messaging – Who delivers your takeaways is arguably more crucial than the takeaways themselves. After all, spotlighting your CEO will have a vastly different impact than featuring real customers or a celebrity spokesperson. Based on the above-mentioned audience insights, determine what type of person aligns with both your brand and what viewers want to see.
  • Test theories and evolve strategies based on data – Previously, we highlighted the importance of collecting data on SEO rankings, viewership numbers, and related engagement. However, these metrics are of little importance unless you extract lessons from them and utilize them to shape future strategies

Here’s a tip: user-generated content is on the rise, and for good reason; people enjoy hearing directly from their peers and are becoming more inclined to trust their opinions.

Better still, tools like offer affordable, scalable solutions for UGC video generation. This enables you to stretch your marketing budget to cover a fully fleshed-out marketing campaign in which you can test which videos deliver SEO results and effectively engage customers.

Fast Tips to Optimize Your Existing Video Content for SEO

If you already have video content but didn’t initially consider its SEO potential, you’re in luck—optimizing existing materials is fairly easy using the following steps: 

  • Conduct keyword research for your existing videos – start by seeing if there are terms for which your videos currently rank
  • Incorporate those terms into your video’s content elements, including the title, description, and hashtags
  • Add timestamps, closed captions, and subtitles
  • Confirm that the video is indexed using tools like Google Search Console
  • Build links from your web properties to the video and web pages that host the video

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