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Achieve Better Ad Results with TikTok Spark Ads

June 2024, the future of TikTok looks undoubtedly bumpy as the US government threatens to ban the platform if certain measures aren’t taken. However, as stated by Michael Beckerman, the head of TikTok’s public policy, “this is the beginning, not the end of a long process.” And, with both President Joe Biden and former Presidential candidate Donald Trump now actively engaged on TikTok, we’re inclined to agree. 

TikTok is too giant a force for marketers to ignore. As noted by Sprout Social, the fast-growing app boasts 1.5 billion monthly active users and has particularly captured the hearts (and wallets) of Gen Z, with 49% of this segment making purchases on TikTok.

Moreover, just as its advanced algorithm cracked the code for peak user engagement, TikTok provides advertisers with innovative tools to connect with audiences, beginning with Tiktok Spark Ads.

What are Tiktok Spark Ads

TikTok’s Spark Ads are an innovative form of native advertising that allow brands to leverage preexisting organic content and further amplify its reach with ad spend. Companies can even put promotional dollars behind a partnering influencer’s content!

The result is a win-win: viewers encounter UGC-style video advertisements they genuinely enjoy, while brands benefit from higher engagement by delivering authentic-feeling promotions that effortlessly integrate into the typical TikTok scrolling experience. As a bonus, any interactions that Spark Ad receives will also be credited to the original video source, further nurturing organic social growth as well.

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What differentiates Tiktok Spark Ads from traditional in-feed TikTok ads

The distinction between Spark Ads and traditional in-feed ads is evident right from the method of video upload; while the former utilizes existing TikTok post videos, other options involve direct uploading into the TikTok Ads manager. However, the more significant disparity lies in user interaction with the ad. With traditional ads, clicking on various elements—like the profile picture, nickname, caption, and CTA—redirects users away from TikTok to a designated landing page. Conversely, Spark Ads largely replicate the Organic TikTok experience, with only the CTA leading to an off-platform destination.


Another notable contrast between Spark Ads and in-feed TikTok ads is the type of data available to marketers. Standard ads are primarily measured using paid clicks on the CTA button, ad caption, nickname, profile picture, and swipe-left actions. Spark Ads not only provide many of these same metrics but also track interactions with the music listing and other forms of engagement such as likes, shares, new followers, and profile visits.


Furthermore, Spark Ads impose significantly fewer limitations on marketers concerning video length, resolution, and file size.

Tiktok Spark Ad benefits

  • First and foremost, Spark Ads posts generally perform better than other TikTok ad options – As shared by TikTok, Spark Ads led to notable improvements in Video Views (+30%), Engagement Rate (+142%), CVR (+43%), and CPM (-4%) compared to Non-Spark Ads. The numbers speak for themselves!
  • The final product visually integrates with the organic TikTok viewing experience – Because the content was originally uploaded to earn organic views rather than paid traction, the Spark ads will feel incredibly similar to the videos TikTok users view for pleasure. Though there is a subtle “sponsored” disclosure toward the bottom right-hand corner of the video the overall experience will mimic one of an organic video. If you choose to partner with a content creator to launch the ad, it will be their account’s logo that will appear as the original source, further adding the vibe of authenticity to their messaging.
  • Turning an organic post into a Spark ad will gain new engagement for the organic post – What do we mean by this? If someone views the TikTok spark ad and chooses to like or comment, their interactions will appear on the original post. This not only boosts the individual listing, but your TikTok profile on the whole!
  • Further maximize your ROI by using existing content – With TikTok Spark Ads, there’s no need to differentiate between footage created for organic social and that crafted for paid social. Any upfront investment in video creation can serve multiple campaigns, maximizing the overall value of your initial spend.

How to set-up TikTok Spark Ads

Step 1Whomever hosts the video should turn on ad authorization, found under “Privacy” on the Settings and Privacy page.

Step 2 – Confirm authorization for promotional use by navigating to the specific video, clicking on the three dots followed by ad settings. Agree to the terms of service.  

Step 3Generate the video code, found under ad settings. Simply select the duration of time during which the content can be an ad and then select “copy code.” 

Step 4Under TikTok Ads Manager, navigate to the Creative tab, find the Spark Ads section, and click apply for authorization. When prompted, “search” for the copied video code and then click “confirm.” 

Step 5Still within TikTok Ads Manager, create a campaign, making sure to clarify the “Spark Ads” format. When prompted to upload creatives, choose to select posts from library before providing final authorization and submitting the final product.

Tactics to achieve the greatest results for TikTok Spark Ads

Make sure you have quality video content to begin with

Spark Ads can only be as effective as the messaging they’re promoting. Therefore, have a solution in place that enables you to proactively partner with influencers and UGC creators to craft highly shareable content that embodies your brand’s offering. offers a thorough, streamlined solution to finding UGC creators interested in partnering with brands like yours. Use our AI-powered search system to find the perfect fit within our extensive marketplace, complete with valuable statistics related to TikTok and other social followings.

We enable you to find, analyze, and connect with UGC creators in minutes, providing a scalable solution that forms the foundation for effective Spark Ads. Search & Discovery

See which organic content performs best when choosing your Spark Ads

With most paid ads, you launch a campaign, collect performance data, make adjustments based on metric-driven insights, and then initiate a second round. However, Spark Ads allow you to identify the winners within your organic content pool before committing ad spend, ultimately enabling you to make surefire decisions to maximize your ROI.

Consider using Tiktok Spark Ads to boost videos posted by collaborators

Well-crafted UGC-style video content can effectively showcase genuine use cases for your products and services. However, when this content is shared through the influencer’s own account, the sincerity of the message can shine through even more. Therefore, consider arranging with your collaborator to have them post the video, which you can then turn into a Spark Ad. Everyone benefits—your messaging receives heightened engagement, and they gain added exposure at no cost.

Consider using Spark Ads to boost videos posted by collaborators

The best marketers embrace creativity while also operating within a framework that provides viewers with the information and motivation needed to take action. Even though Spark Ads’ content may originate from organic videos, following narrative set guidelines is more important than ever. These can include:

  • An attention-grabbing hook
  • The pitch in which the unique value proposition is clearly stated
  • Social proof to add credibility to claims
  • A call-to-action (CTA) that guides viewers toward next steps equips marketers with an AI-powered video marketing platform which analyzes footage and generates ad-ready videos based on proven formulas. Through machine-learning, any historic performance metrics and testing will further refine the software’s ability to craft engaging brand experiences. The result? Winning UGC videos that can fuel both organic growth and Tiktok Spark ad success.