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Visual content is expected to account for 82% of all content generation by 2023. That is a 15-fold increase from 2017. Yet current solutions to search, manage and create this content remain manual and disjointed. From user-generated content to brand campaign images, and TikTok videos to professionally produced commercials, simply cataloging and organizing visual content is a chore.

Recent studies show 87% of marketers are struggling to meet the growing demand for diverse visual content which is typically time-consuming and costly to produce. At the same time, consumers are responding more feverishly to authentic, user-generated content (UGC). is innovating for your brand’s future with a patent-pending Visual Content Platform to solve the critical challenges marketers face. Almost all (90%) of the web is visual, yet search on the web remains text-dominant. Enterprise customer are looking to search, discover,  and repurpose their existing visual content, but the process to relearn and repurpose that content is not humanly possible.

Hence,’s vision to democratize visual content generation & collaboration with generative AI and community. Our award-winning platform provides three key components that allow enterprises to search, discover, generate, collaborate, manage distribute, and analyze performance of visual content at scale.

3 Characteristics of Visual Content
Our superpowers of Visual Content management and collaboration gives our customers a unique advantage to deploy this powerful solution within days.

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Our platform is redefining how visual content marketing is done across paid, owned, earned and shared channels. Today, we efficiently scale UGC to dramatically increase the effectiveness of paid media campaigns and drive better engagement through organic social media content. Our Visual Content solution takes that high-performing content and automatically generates exponentially more and more effective iterations to continually drive better return on ad spend and success in activating your brand community.

Our Solutions

User Generated Content

Create cost efficiency while acquiring authentic user-generated content (UGC) from brand loyalists and beyond to use in all aspects of your brand marketing, including paid campaigns, on your website and through social media

Community Influence Marketing

Community Influence Marketing, which we think of as our “UGC Plus” solution, engages the content creators and influencers you engage for UGC to also post on their channels, advocating for you.

Generative AI Content

Reduce time and costs of creating social media content on scale using the power of Generative AI to fuel not just content, but content optimized to out-perform others

Creator Canvas

Achieve sustainable financial success by partnering with the right brands, marketing your channels and content successfully and leveraging leading-edge generative AI tools to drive efficient content creation

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