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Stop Solving Data Problems
Start Solving Business Problems

Retain your customers, grow your business, and acquire new ones with Domain-infused Data Apps platform.

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The industry’s first Domain-infused Data Apps Platform that transforms dead engagement zones into new profit streams


CIPIO’s Data Apps platform automates end-to-end data transformation and provides actionable predictions and recommendations using AI to boost retention rates and drive unprecedented growth. Powered by domain-specific models and AI, our Data Apps fast-track your data-to-ROI journey, eliminate business and technology silos to deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Retention Data Apps

Let AI do the heavy lifting to benchmark performance, fuel growth, and optimize renewals.

  • Recommend perfect solutions based on behavior patterns.
  • Predict where to spend effort for best results.

Growth Data Apps

Unleash the power of AI to pivot your strategy in real-time based on changing behavior, reduce costs, and customer fatigue.

  • Maximize the good stuff.
  • Optimize everything else.

Acquisition Data Apps

Leverage AI to analyze the larger picture – at scale and in real-time. Identify trends and anomalies, and predict possibilities. Adapt to changing normals.

  • Localize and personalize promotions and offerings
  • Predict purchase needs

Data is good, intelligence is better, but only Data Apps deliver ROI!


Save months of costly work
on un-siloing data

Get a complete omnichannel view of your customers with unified data from across your systems using our pre-built industry-specific data models. Get ready-to-consume data without hiring data scientists, analysts, or building expensive data warehouses. (that is a direct savings of up to $500,000)

Pre-built industry-specific Unified Data Models
Out-of-box connectors for all your systems
Clean and consumption ready data in weeks
Access to curated industry specific data

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Actionable predictions & recommendations to maximize customer delight

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers with predictions about their intent and recommendations to improve engagement, prevent churn, and cross-sell/up-sell. Act on recommendations for every customer with our automated Data Apps or export them to your preferred system for execution.

Customer Centric
ROI Driven
Domain Specific

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See the impact of every action
through clear outcomes

Take out the guesswork, and let the Data Apps demonstrate what works best, cut what’s not working, and grow. Get a clear picture of how your team’s actions or systems improve your business growth, impacting churn rates and increasing your sales.

Executive KPIs
Retention KPIs
Growth KPIs
Growth KPIs

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At last Data Apps Platform built for your
industry with domain knowledge.

For Health, Wellness, & Fitness Operators
Content & Media Businesses

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