Community Commerce Tailored to Your Brand

Whether you already have a vibrant brand community program or are trying community influencer marketing for the first time, CIPIO has the tools to jump-start your organic marketing. Get Started today!

Precision Search
& Discovery

It shouldn’t take you 10 hours/week to find the right creator partner.
Use image search to prospect influencers who are Real, Relevant, & Reachable.

  • Access to 100 million+ profiles of Influencers, Affiliates, Ambassador
  • Advanced discovery & lookalikes model
  • Industry’s only Image & NLP-based influencer search
  • Influencer list sorting & filtering
  • Cindex Scores
  • 10 Cindex Report Credits


Skip the cold outreach.
Let CIPIO show you people who have authentic influence within your existing community.

  • Uncover leaders within your existing brand community with real, relevant, and reacheble influence
  • Build & grow Custom Community Categories
  • Team Collobration with notes, and relationship management
  • Predict engagement for both brands & influencers based on content
  • 50 Cindex Report Credits


Tired of manual workflows?
Finally an automated platform that allows you to plan & launch your campaigns, start-to-finish — no influencer marketing experience or coding required!

  • Automated outreach
  • Commerce Assistant: Sales, engagement, & impression predictions for brands
  • AI-driven content review, recommendations, & collaboration for both brands & influencers
  • Commerce attribution, performance, & analytics
  • Commerce briefs, contracts, & agreements
  • Commerce Communication management & email integration- Predict engagement for both brands & influencers based on content
  • Build Custom lists & groups of communities
  • Team Collobration with notes, and relationship management
  • 250 Cindex Report Credits


We got you. 😉
Hand off your entire community commerce program to CIPIO.

Entire Community Commerce Platform, plus:

  • RPA (robotic process automation) with community of influencers, creators, & customer success managers to run your Community Commerce Program
  • 500 Cindex Report Credits