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How the Rise of Hybrid Ecosystems is Changing the Fitness Industry

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Because of the pandemic, people have become more health-conscious. They want to lead healthier lifestyles and one that caters to their busy schedules and the new normal.

Rise of Hybrid Economy

The shift turned out to be an opportunity for the big fitness business to get more exposure, expand offerings and increase their market reach. The change in member behaviour now provides multiple touch-points for gyms to reach customers through online streaming conveniences. Fitness business owners can now connect with their members through their brick and mortar clubs as well as the digital world, where limits don’t exist.

Member Concerns

Poor quality video, technical glitches, and basic features can lead to membership cancellations within a fitness app.

Those who are willing to reconstruct their product to become dynamic and user-friendly will have new opportunities in this market to increase their revenue through an increased audience.. Simplified technology with a smooth user interface, is a great way to build revenue and build a new (in demand)  hybrid ecosystem within the fitness industry.

Member Expectations

Within the hybrid system, technology should be leveraged to match the preferences and choices of members. Today, health data can be easily created, tracked and kept confidential through wearables. Members expect their apps and recommendations to be in alignment with their personal needs and geographical restraints.

Some final thoughts

With an increasingly unparalleled audience rooting for fitness at the comfort of their homes, the hybrid ecosystem is steadily changing the pace of the fitness industry. Also, with current technological changes like hybrid work-out systems, the fitness industry should also investigate current aspects of health such as hydration, mindfulness and healthy sleep cycles to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to health.

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