Our mission is to democratize visual content generation & collaboration with generative AI & community

At Last a CRM for Visual Content has established itself as one of the leading visual content and generative AI solution providers on the market by recognizing both the future of marketing (visual content) and the opportunity to build smarter, more efficient solutions to generate, source, collaborate, manage, curate and analyze that future.

Thanks to visionary leadership and leading-edge engineering around AI and generative AI technologies, has built a platform that is redefining how visual content marketing is done across paid, owned, earned and shared channels.

We efficiently scale user-generated content (UGC) to dramatically increase the effectiveness of paid media campaigns and drive better engagement through organic social media content. Our Visual Content solution takes that high-performing content and automatically generates exponentially more and more effective iterations to continually drive better return on ad spend and success in activating your brand community.

In June of 2023, we were welcomed into the Microsoft Pegasus program as a partner for its Microsoft for Startups efforts. 

Community Content VS Digital Advertising

The numbers don’t lie!

More than 90% of consumers trust earned media over paid promotions.
Buyers depend on opinions from people on social media to inform their purchases.
5-18X ROI
On average, community influencers generate 5-18x ROI for their brand partners, compared to an average paid ad ROI of 2x.

Our Story

CIPIO launched in October 2021 with a vision to democratize and automate organic marketing through raving brand fans.

The founders wanted to find a way to humanize brand marketing. In today’s social commerce world, buyers connect over shared values, lifestyles, and the products and services that make community possible. Almost everyone uses customers for referrals, but building a strong brand community goes far beyond just a brand’s customers. A community collaborates with social media followers, employees, partners, complementary brands, friends and family, and even pets!

Thanks to cutting edge product development, CIPIO is the first platform to deliver true Community Content Marketing for 21st Century marketers.

Sundeep Sanghavi

Chairman & CEO

Growson Edwards

Co-Founder - President & COO

Jin Yu

Chief Technology Offer

Stephen Strauss

Stephen Strauss

Chief Revenue Officer

Jason Falls

EVP, Marketing

Today, CIPIO is a high-performing team of data scientists, machine learning experts, AI engineers, and social media marketers and social media marketers leveraging the power of generative AI, machine learning, and 140+ million social profiles and consumer data, to help brands put their influential customers in the driver seat of growth.

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