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Microsoft Publishes Customer Case Study’s partnership with Microsoft was called out this week with a customer case study piece published as a Microsoft Customer Story. The article highlights’s use of Azure OpenAI service which fuels our best-in-class language learning models and content analysis and processing.

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In addition to a full and flattering explanation of what does for its customers, the Customer Story digs further into how we leverage Microsoft’s services and AI to power our industry-exclusive image-to-image and video-to-video search, our Community Generative AI content service, and the aforementioned natural language processing capabilities in our search and discovery features.

Jin Yu,’s Chief Technology Officer is quoted in the piece with an explanation of how the company’s partnership with Microsoft and its Azure service line is a vital part of’s success.

“We are processing hundreds of millions of textual content, images, and videos across multiple social media platforms,” Yu told Microsoft for the piece. He acknowledged the petabytes of data Azure’s services can ingest and analyze reduces the amount of resources we and our customers must use to acquire, authenticate and activate communities of brand enthusiasts.

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