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FITNESS SF isn’t just a chain of regional fitness centers in the San Francisco Bay area.


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About the Product

FITNESS SF isn’t just a chain of regional fitness centers in the San Francisco Bay area. It is a local, community-driven approach toward health, fitness and overall wellness. It’s grassroots approach to cultivating its staff and members anchors a community-focused mission which has grown into a movement to make the Bay Area a happier, healthier place to live.

The Challenge

Content! The brand needed more content to fuel its paid social campaigns. And it needed videos and images, but without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on expensive commercial shoots. The brand knew the community-first approach to the business could only be a story told by the community, so FITNESS SF turned to

The Strategy

Leveraging the Community Influence Marketing approach and UGC Plus solution, FITNESS SF sat out to engage its members, motivate them to create authentic content about their experiences in and with the brand, and share that content on social media. The brand would then retain rights to repurpose the content for its marketing efforts to fill its content vacuum.

The Execution

Starting in June of 2022, FITNESS SF’s community of local members began posting inspirational and instructional workout content on Instagram and TikTok. The brand has averaged receiving 35 pieces of content per month to fuel its paid and organic social media.

Beyond the UGC benefits of tapping into its community, the local, community focused brand has produced at least two videos that eclipsed the 1 million view mark of virality online. Creator @BethanyXFit’s series of weight lifting videos exploded with one Instagram Reel that garnered over 1.2 million views and 40,000 likes. Member @geezelouiseeeee posted a TikTok video when FITNESS SF had Bring Your Dog to the Gym day that exploded to over 2 million views with 458,000 likes and 11,500 shares.’s UGC and UGC Plus solutions were so right for the brand, its social media manager declared content to no longer be a problem.

Status Report

FITNESS SF continues to cultivate UGC and UGC Plus influencer endorsement from its community using’s solutions.

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