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Sr Data Scientist

Bangalore, Ahmedabad | Full Time

We are looking for a senior data scientist (3-4 years experience) that will help us do quick POC, prototyping & integrate ML models in data products. Your primary focus will be in applying Data Science/Machine Learning/ AI algorithms on various use cases and integrating them in our product.

Key Responsibilities

  • Apply statistical techniques to find inferences/insights from data
  • Create machine learning models using various supervised & unsupervised algorithms
  • Quick POC & prototyping for various data science use cases
  • Data preprocessing & cleansing
  • Doing ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner
  • Doing research on various ML topics & use cases
  • Building recommender system
  • Building various deep learning models

Required Skills

  • Excellent understanding of supervised machine learning algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Gradient Boosted Trees, XGBoost, SVM etc
  • Excellent understating of unsupervised machine learning algorithms like K-Means, PCA, SVD, Anomaly Detection
  • Strong knowledge of statistics: descriptive stats, T-Test, Anova, Chi-squared, probability distributions
  • Knowledge of deep learning techniques like NN, CNN, RNN, LSTM etc
  • Strong knowledge of Recommender system: Content-based, Collaborative Filtering, Matrix factorization
  • Experience various ML Frameworks/Libraries like Sklearn, Pandas, Numpy, Tensorflow, Keras etc
  • Experience with database systems like SQL & MongoDB
  • Strong experience in python programming with OOP concepts
  • Strong experience of Git
  • Knowledge of Airflow, MLflow will be a big plus