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5 Fitness Trends to Follow to Grow Your Fitness Business in 2021


The global pandemic that created havoc that trapped us indoors and made our daily lives just mere guidelines changed almost everything except the desire for fitness! It is proven that exercising is important to more than just the body; it is also to cater to mental health, essential during these times of upheaval.

However, with the brick and mortar locations locked down due to the pandemic, the brands’ digital transformation ensured the connection between health clubs and their members. And the change in the member's mindset, too, to know their fitness levels and work out via any means, has been a paradigm shift.

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Overall the fitness industry increased numbers of members, shared content, and even fundings, and grew at a rate of USD $ 3.31 Billion in 2020.

With the entire industry moving online to surge the wave, here are few trends that were currently seen in the fitness space.

Virtual Fitness
Live Streaming of Workouts

Ensuring you add a personal touch to the online shared content of pre-recorded workouts, live streamings are better for member engagement. A mix of easy-to-do exercises and HIITs, yoga sessions to aerobics gives your members a better spread to choose from, catering to all types of members and their preferences.

Home Gym Equipment

A slow but steadily growing market at a CAGR of 9%, home equipment is all about innovative and technology-rich fitness devices. Be connected with your members via AI and behavioural intelligence-based apps to enhance their workout experience with specific guidance.

Mental Wellness

In 2020, September more than 80% of people who were screened for anxiety scored for symptoms between moderate to severe. The trauma the pandemic brought in diverted their attention to mental wellbeing. 

A dedicated content hub for pre-recorded videos, live yoga and meditation classes, and one-to-one coaching, including mental well-being, must post each workout session, and fitness apps should cater to this holistic being. 

Fitness Trackers are the In-Demand Gadgets

Members want to track their workouts, know how much effort they have put in and what calorie intake should be in real-time. Working out from the home to be connected with their fitness centres and coaches, the fitness trackers are a suitable medium, thus growing the market at 81.5 bn USD.

Including fitness trackers in their membership apps can be a good way for gyms to have members subscribe. Above all, track members' efforts and behavioural intelligence, suggest personalized recommendations to engage and retain.

Immunity-Boosting Diet is a Pro

Due to the rising fear of COVID 19, people consciously eat food that can cater to a healthier immunity. Healthy recipes, supplement suggestions, and personalized guidance through regular digital flyers, emails, and messages may keep up with the need of the hour.

Smart Technology

Elevating the at-home workouts and smart technology is equipping treadmills and stationary exercise bikes to track and monitor member's usage. It can stream live workouts based on user preference by connecting to any existing monitor or smart TV. Another tool that health clubs should integrate to monitor member performance and create specific workout recommendations or milestones.

Virtual Reality

Health clubs are recommending a professional set-up during coaching sessions to simulate a live in-person coaching session via headphones. A cutting-edge tool for fitness and athlete training VR is adopted by many fitness centres.

For the evolving member needs, fitness hubs need to cater to them whenever they want and in the hybrid model. While implementing all these solutions, going full-fledged with your marketing activities is very important to reach the right customer base and give it a smashing start.

No matter how the world responds to the pandemic, fitness will find its way!

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