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The New Way to Engage,
Retain and Grow in
the B2C Subscription Economy

Get your customer churn predictions & recommendations

Get your customer churn predictions & recommendations

    “With CIPIO, we have seen a 50% increase
    in member retention in just 1 month.”

    Al Noshirvani

    Franchise Owner Of World Gym Clubs

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    Do you know how your customers behave, why they behave, the way they do for your specific industry?

    You can engage, retain and grow customers only when you know them really well.

    Here’s how contextual insights
    into customer behaviors is a
    game-changer for you.

    Here’s how contextual insights
    into customer behaviors is a
    game-changer for you.

    Customer expectations have changed dramatically in
    an ever-evolving hybrid (physical + digital) and fiercely competitive
    environment. When you understand what influences your
    customers’ decisions, you can deliver personalized, seamless, and
    consistent experiences across interactions, boost engagement and
    drive growth.

    Introducing CIPIO, a powerful Data Apps PlatformTM
    built to drive sustainable revenue growth


    Bid goodbye to customer churn, clunky silos, and stagnant growth.

    CIPIO is the world’s only domain-infused customer intelligence platform that
    effortlessly unifies data across all touchpoints to deliver easy-to-act upon predictions and
    recommendations with high customer value and engagement-driven retention through industry-specific Data Apps.

    Unify data from all
    touchpoints (without
    spending a dime)

    Act on customer-specific
    behavior predictions and
    recommendations at the
    right time (automatically)

    Measure the impact of
    every activity and action
    on outcomes

    Grow your business with
    beyond 360-degree view for
    your business operations
    and customer engagement

    Brands trust CIPIO to improve customer experiences
    and increase engagement


    The 'Aha' moments from our customers!

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    Nah, we are not a generic one-size-fits-all platform.

    CIPIO is Purpose-built for
    Your Industry

    Our platform is built with deep domain-specific
    knowledge of customer lifecycle, data models,
    operations, and growth metrics. Use the power
    of Data Apps to turn data into actionable customer
    engagements to reduce churn, acquire smartly, and grow.

    For Health,
    Wellness, & Fitness

    Content & Media Businesses

    It is time. Get started today!

    See how CIPIO enables you to Unify, Act, Measure and Grow
    (faster than ever before).

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